Oh Wretched Man That I Am

How does a Christian overcome the sinful fleshly body they live in and live a life “lead by the Spirit of God?” I believe it isn’t until you cry out as the Apostle Paul did to God for help to fight the battle is the “war” truly won.

God, by His Mercy and Grace miracleously gave me an ear that loves to hear His Word preached. There are certain types of preaching and preachers I dispise but won’t address that now. Instead, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful preacher, humble, softspoken, tenderhearted and most of all very wise in the ways of God. I have a collection of many of his sermons.

Born in China, Stephen Kaung was converted to Christ at an early age. He met Watchman Nee in the early 1930’s and became a co-worker with brother Nee in the Lord’s work. He moved to the United States in 1952, and has continued to share Christ with the Lord’s people around the world, as well as translate and publish the messages of Watchman Nee. Today, beyond the age of 100, he continues to be a great encouragement to the saints wherever he ministers, demonstrating that “It is no longer I that live but Christ Who lives in me.”

In this sermon Pastor Stephen teaches on how “To Make The Testimony of Jesus, Our Testimony.” It answers the question of Who will deliver me from the sinful man that I am. I hope and pray you enjoy his teaching but mainly grow in God’s grace and mercy and learn about living through the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Then you too will be able to testify, “It is no longer I that live but Christ Who lives in me.”

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