Jesus Said, “I Am A Worm”

Some Orthodox Jews try to disprove that Jesus is the "True Messiah" and even say Psalm 22 isn't speaking of a crucification at all. They claim it doesn't say "they pierced my hands and my feet." Below are some verses from Psalm 22 that speak prophetically of Jesus crucified on the cross. Jesus actually says … Continue reading Jesus Said, “I Am A Worm”

Dominate Mind

Bishop Drew preached a message today titled, “Dominant Mind” and can be seen here. It is basically about what nature are you going to follow, listen to, be lead by. Bishop Drew brought up the verses of John 3:1-8 when Nicodemus when to visit Jesus at night. I think the Spirit of God, drew … Continue reading Dominate Mind

The Blood of Jesus, God’s Atomic Weapon

The following are my “Cliff Notes” from a teaching by Derek Prince found on Youtube titled “God’s Atomic Weapon: The Blood of Jesus” Revelation 12:11 KJV And they Overcame him by The BLOOD of The Lamb, and by the Word of Their Testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 2 Corinthians 5:17-18,20-21 … Continue reading The Blood of Jesus, God’s Atomic Weapon

Cutting A Deal With God, The Abrahamic, Mosaic and New Covenants

Origin of the phrase, "Cutting A Deal" For some reason I don't fully understand yet, a set of scriptures that I wrote a text about recently keeps popping up in videos. In a few videos where different people speaking of Ron Wyatt's discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and in Genevieve Brazel's recent post … Continue reading Cutting A Deal With God, The Abrahamic, Mosaic and New Covenants

Nothing But The Blood of Jesus

Below are screenshots of the verse of the day for Dec.5, 2018 on Tecarta The NIV version "forgets"to mention the BLOOD Of Jesus NIV KJV I like to look at other Bible versions to better understand the KJV sometimes. This time you can clearly see why most other versions are only … Continue reading Nothing But The Blood of Jesus