H2021″The Adulteress Looking Down On Her Prostitute Sister”

I thought about writing this post in December but the title that I wanted to give it stopped me several times. In my mind the title should have been "The Adulteress Looking Down On Her Prostitute Sister" and for that reason I didn't write it. It seemed vulgar to me. Then after New Years I … Continue reading H2021″The Adulteress Looking Down On Her Prostitute Sister”

G2021- To Put The Hand Upon

Strong's G2021 - Epicheiréō, ep-ee-khi-reh'-o; from G1909 and G5495; to put the hand upon, i.e. undertake:—go about, take in hand (upon). In my times of studying the Bible I will often look up what the meaning and use of a word is in my Strong's Concordance app. Strong's gives all words a distinct number proceeded … Continue reading G2021- To Put The Hand Upon

Sun-diving Comet, CME,6.0EQ, Solar Eclipse, & “7”

This is a follow up to the things I wrote about in my last post, https://intheword.blog/2020/12/05/a-solar-eclipse-jonah-nahum/ "Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?" On Dec. 14th 2020 I anticipated that maybe some other events might occur to give emphasis to the uniqueness and oddity of events occurring on this given date. Early in the day while … Continue reading Sun-diving Comet, CME,6.0EQ, Solar Eclipse, & “7”

Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?

This week the MyDailyBible app readings from the prophets has been from Nahum. Today it was Nahum chapter 3 which starts with a heading saying "Woe to Nineveh." The book of Nahum is all about God's anger and judgment against Nineveh. Chapter 1, verse 1 says, "The burden of Nineveh. The book of the vision … Continue reading Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?

Multitudes, Multitudes, In The Valley of Decision!

Day before yesterday while out on a drive with my wife we were discussing how divided our nation is over the outcome of the presidential election. We both agreed that if it weren't for so many claims of cheating in such blatant ways the idea our candidate honestly losing would be more acceptable. But that's … Continue reading Multitudes, Multitudes, In The Valley of Decision!

Could God Use A Fallen Person Like Donald Trump

The last almost 4 years with Donald Trump as president has been quite a ride. Sometimes as with the 1st presidential debate not a very appealing one but certainly not boring either. Before the 2016 election I questioned in my heart if God would use a man with the moral flaws that Donald Trump clearly … Continue reading Could God Use A Fallen Person Like Donald Trump

Facing Hurricane Delta, Trusting Jesus

8am The Blue Dot is my home. Today, for the 2nd time this year a substantial hurricane will move across the parish of our home within 40 miles or so. That's relatively close to being a direct hit but without the full impact. It's also close enough to a direct hit that until it has … Continue reading Facing Hurricane Delta, Trusting Jesus

Two Had To Die

When reading the Bible I've learned to pay attention to the "side notes," those added comments that seem as though they are only fluff, something inconsequential. Today's MyDailyBible app devotional reading is a perfect example of that and is where the title of this blog post comes from. DailyPlan : one-year-tract : 2020-09-15 #Bible https://www.mydailybible.org/dp/esv/one-year-tract/2020-09-15.htmContinue reading Two Had To Die

Damaged Goods

This morning as I prayed, telling Father God how much I desired to have communion with Him in my time of Bible study a thought came to mind, "damaged goods." Damaged Goods nounEnglish Language Learners Definition of damaged goods: products that are broken, cracked, scratched, etc.informal : a person who is considered to be no … Continue reading Damaged Goods

Carrying His Water

As you can see from the date of this cartoon (1943), this demeaning saying has been around for sometime. In the sports world it refers to the lowly "water boy" who is a servant to the team. Freedictonary.com gives this definition, Carry (Someone's) WaterTo be subservient to and uncritical of someone; to do someone's bidding.The … Continue reading Carrying His Water

The Vineyard Parables, Will We Ever Learn

Jesus spoke many times in parables to draw a word picture of the condition of Israel's heart and to reveal the heart of Father God. A recurring theme was that of gardener either sowing seeds, pruning his grapevines or of the landowner overseeing His crops quality. In Matthew 20:1-16, Jesus describes the landowner who pays … Continue reading The Vineyard Parables, Will We Ever Learn

15th of Av, Rapture Day???

There is a Jewish holiday that isn't mentioned much. To say that is really an understatement because it isn't even acknowledged on my phones Hebrew calendar app, This Jewish holiday, Tu B'Av (15th of Av) falls on our calendar from sunset Tuesday to sunset Wednesday Aug. 4th-5th 2020 as you can see by the picture … Continue reading 15th of Av, Rapture Day???