Doing Bible Things, In Bible Ways

I will try to make this short. What I am about to write is not some magic formula. Actually if you do it without a pure heart and in sincerity towards God’s ways, it might work against you.

Numbers 30:1-2 Then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, “This is the thing which the Lord has commanded: 2 If a man makes a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

Deuteronomy 23:21-23  “When you make a vow to the Lord your God, you shall not delay to pay it; for the Lord your God will surely require it of you, and it would be sin to you. 22 But if you abstain from vowing, it shall not be sin to you. 23 That which has gone from your lips you shall keep and perform, for you voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God what you have promised with your mouth.

Malachi 3:6For I [am] the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

I feel impressed to share this thought though.

Only a couple weeks ago the sermon Bishop Drew preached at “My Church” was about interceding for ourselves. This morning as I began to read the devotional in MyDailyBible app, it began in Exodus chapter 40 and said this,

Exodus 40:1-15 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 “On the first day of the first month you shall set up the tabernacle of the tent of meeting. 3 You shall put in it the ark of the Testimony, and partition off the ark with the veil. 4 You shall bring in the table and arrange the things that are to be set in order on it; and you shall bring in the lampstand and light its lamps. 5 You shall also set the altar of gold for the incense before the ark of the Testimony, and put up the screen for the door of the tabernacle. 6 Then you shall set the altar of the burnt offering before the door of the tabernacle of the tent of meeting. 7 And you shall set the laver between the tabernacle of meeting and the altar, and put water in it. 8 You shall set up the court all around, and hang up the screen at the court gate.

9 “And you shall take the anointing oil, and anoint the tabernacle and all that is in it; and you shall hallow it and all its utensils, and it shall be holy. 10 You shall anoint the altar of the burnt offering and all its utensils, and consecrate the altar. The altar shall be most holy. 11 And you shall anoint the laver and its base, and consecrate it.

12 “Then you shall bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the tabernacle of meeting and wash them with water. 13 You shall put the holy garments on Aaron, and anoint him and consecrate him, that he may minister to Me as priest. 14 And you shall bring his sons and clothe them with tunics. 15 You shall anoint them, as you anointed their father, that they may minister to Me as priests; for their anointing shall surely be an everlasting priesthood throughout their generations.”

Anointing with oil is Biblical and is all the more Biblical if you have a desire to live a consecrated life towards our Dear Heavenly Father. Anointing with oil is NOT a good luck charm or magic potion. It doesn’t allow you to throw caution to the wind and live recklessly and think, “God has to keep my back.” Now I will give a testimony of what doing Bible things in Bible ways can do.

I have seen times in my life when I began to “rate myself” as more spiritual and more devoted to living a consecrated life and learning about how to do that than my wife was in my “less than humble” opinion. THANK GOD, He didn’t let me get very far for very long into that mindset.

I’ve mentioned before that my back has problems. I’m almost 66 and have worked hard in my life, it’s only natural. But I have noticed that when my mind gets into the wrong mindset of “judgment” or getting “puffed up” in my opinion of myself, God has a way of correcting that.

On more than one occasion, yeah sometimes I’m hard of hearing, my back pain just so happened to coincide with a “puffed up” spirit. THANKFULLY, a thought would come to my mind, “ask Donna, my wife, to anoint your back and pray for you.” Knowing fully well that my high minded opinion of myself didn’t think that thought on it’s own, I would HUMBLY ask my wife to do it. Guess what. The back pain would disappear either that same day or the next morning I’d wake up with a new back, totally painless.

I confessed that just to say, doing Biblical Things in Biblical ways is always the best way to go. We are told to love our wives as Christ loved the church and to anoint each other for healing. As I read those verses from Exodus 40 my mind thought, “if the holy things of God needed to be anointed with oil to proclaim their consecration to God’s purpose, why not me, us, especially during this time of trial.” 40 as in Exodus “40” is a number that often represents a time of testing and trials.

If you read this post and feel lead to anoint yourself with oil and pray a prayer to our Dear Heavenly Father tell Him, “Lord by my will I choose to live a consecrated life for you. I am thankful you gave me a mind and heart to even think of such things. Whatever Your Will is for my life I will walk it out and give all Glory, Honor and Praise to You, in Jesus’ Name.”

My wife is up now. I think I will go and pray for her and anoint her with oil because I feel strongly lead to do that right now. Have a blessed day.

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