Smoke & Mirrors, We Need The Holy Spirit Wind of Truth

The Federal Reserve is pumping 100’s of Billions of dollars as emergency “repo loans” to a handful of banks that are in trouble. A Repo Loan is slang for something the banks don’t want to say and cause a panic, that’s the “Bailout” word. They started doing this on Sept. 17, 2019 at a rate of 75 billion per night and have increased it to over 100 billion a night lately. I saw this story last night on youtube and checked it out.

It’s all true. The analysts said the last times the Federal Reserve stepped in with these extreme measures was at the financial collapses of 2000 and 2008. If our economy is doing so good and our banks are so stable, why has the Federal Reserve made plans to continue doing this every business day until October 10, 2019 with the possibility of it continuing after that. It the rate it is today, that’s 3 trillion dollars a month. Does anyone have a clue how much money that its????


This article says this about who the banks are that’s receiving this money. I don’t even watch the news but in the information below from my post, “Judge Not, but … You Will Know Them By Their Fruit” I remember hearing that Deutsche Bank was in serious trouble then.

The Fed Is Offering $100 Billion a Day in Emergency Loans to Unnamed Banks and Congress Is Not Curious Enough to Hold a Hearing

The New York Fed is only allowed to engage in these repo transactions with its 24 primary dealers. That list of 24 primary dealers includes the securities units of big U.S. banks like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, but it also includes the U.S. based securities units of troubled foreign banks like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and Societe Generale (SocGen).

This article is from echoing the same concerns,

The following is from my post titled, “Judge Not, but … You Will Know Them By Their Fruit” posted Sept. 5, 2019

On Sept. 4, 2019 Donald Trump said this,  “Let me tell you, if I wanted to do nothing with China, our stock market, our stock market would be 10,000 points higher than it is right now but somebody had to do this,” the president told reporters at the White House on Wednesday. “It was out of control and they were out of control.”

I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination but I always thought a “strong US Dollar was a ‘Good Thing.’ ” He made the following statement in 2017 also.

August 6, 2019 – Trump wants a weaker US dollar – here’s why

The current info of the US vs China and the predictions for next year by the IMF don’t look so “Great” for the USA, as for China they don’t look so bad. Trump says he’s got China right where he wants them. Really???


I realize Donald Trump couldn’t be totally responsible for the 2 following items but in 3 years it’s gotten worse,

For the 1st time since the early 1990’s when official records of the Global Fortune 500 list has been kept and probably since WWII America is NOT holding the most positions of the Global Fortune 500 List of Companies. That honor has gone to China with 129 companies on the list compared to America’s 121.

When it comes to the wealthiest banks in the world and where they are located, a bad trend has been established, the 2018 list from this website,

Banks Total Assets

And the country with the most banks of the Top 100 that year,

Number of Banks

This was a 2017 list.


Donald Trump’s “MAGA” plan isn’t hitting it’s stride yet from the looks of things comparing the US’s banks world wide ranking and the IMF’s current or projected growth for next year to that of China. On the other hand, China seems to be making strides in it’s “Make China Great Again” plan. Maybe you haven’t heard of it but it’s been out there since 2015.

In 2015 China made a plan they named, “Made In China 2025” and this year, 2019, the “CFR” Council on Foreign Relations took note of it as a “Threat To Global Trade” in this article on their website,

From the statistics previously stated it looks like their “Make China Great Again” plan is on track, enough so that the powerful people of the world are taking note and are “up in arms.”

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