Hearing God’s Thoughts, Having The Mind of Christ

Philippians 2:5 KJV  Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

Romans 8:14 KJV  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Twice since Wednesday I have realized that thoughts I was thinking about were being led by God. This should be common for all believers as the verse from Romans says.  For me, it is much less often that I am aware that it is definitely God giving me the thought at the time but it does happen. I suppose people like Bishop Drew, Pastor Wanda and Evangelist Milton have given their lives to minister to God’s children and have a much clearer ability to perceive God’s voice and will.

The first time we were driving to Wednesday night service, about a 20 minute drive. Just a few minutes into the drive, I was speaking to God in my mind and wondering, why is it that some prayers I pray seem to get answered quickly and some that I have prayed for years seem to not get answered. I was thinking about the ones for family members and friends to turn to God even in some small way. The thought clearly came, “I will not do anything against a person’s will.” When we got to church and the service started, within 5 minutes of Bishop Drew’s preaching, he said, “God will not do anything that is against a person’s will.” My thought was, “wow, it was God that just gave me that thought.”

Today our Sunday service was the last of 3 days of revival services that Evangelist Milton Martin preached. I had never heard him before, at all. Above, I clipped off 29 minutes of the service starting 8 minutes into the full video of the service. If you listen to it, at 1 minutes into the clip he brings up a prophecy he gave in 1999 quoting from it. “America, America, I have Loved You With An Everlasting Love. Do not spurn my Love. Do not run from my Affection and My Love.” Then at 15 minutes into the clip he says, “some of you have a warped understanding of God, His Son Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in the Earth today.” In the excerpts below I had said not being a “Berean” and learning the whole counsel of God, “it’s easy to get the wrong impression of God.”

You might say it’s all a coincidence. Did you know that in the Hebrew language there is “NO WORD for Coincidence?” Everything is “A Happening of God!

The video below this post is another clip of today’s service when Pastor Milton is praying for the sick, It was a “Miracle Revival Service.” Watch and see what happened in the 10 minute clip I trimmed off. The link for the whole service at the Faith Cathedral Facebook site is embedded here.

1. Pastor Milton quotes Jeremiah 31:3 from  the blog post “Be A Berean, Acts 17:11” that I posted yesterday, February 23, 2019, it was about the Bible verse of the day, Jeremiah 31:3.

2. Pastor Milton speaks of a prophecy he gave publically in 1999 warning America. I said America may have only 1 shot to get it right with God in our nuclear age.

3. Pastor Milton says some Christians have a “warped idea of God.” My main point of the post is to be a Bearean. Read and learn the Bible for yourself to not fall for false doctrine from twisting scripture or to make it say what you want to hear.

4. MOST IMPORTANT POINT! Jeremiah 31:3 speaks of God’s Deep and Faithful Love of Israel but written in the context that a Loving Father will chastise His People. Pastor Milton says that in the video in his 1999 prophetic word to “America, America.”

A subject that I have noticed is almost never mentioned in churches is God’s principle of “the measure of sins and fullness of time.” God told this to Abraham when He Cut Covenant (A Deal) with Abraham, “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” (Genesis 15:16). It is what got my attention in Jeremiah 31:1, “at that time.” Some day “the fulness of the Gentiles be come in” (Romans 11:24). I understand that to be when the last Gentile is “Born Again.” Think about everyone that acts like they have control over the timing of such an important decision in their life all the while, God is The Sovereign One.

Throughout history, nations down to individuals have mistaken the Lovingkindness, Longsuffering and Patience of God to bring chastisement as an indication that it would not come. Worst yet, that maybe God had “winked” at their sin, but deep down the conviction of that as sin and God’s warning were sent, often for long periods of time.

In one of the Books of Wisdom it says, 3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: (Ecc. 3:) but later it also says this, 8 Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. (Ecc. 8:11) All the while, God is waiting for them to “REPENT,” another doctrine forgotten in many churches preaching the “we not under the law perversion of God’s Grace.”

Jesus Is The Aleph & The Tav, א ת  Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω

Excerpts Below From, Be A Berean. Acts 17:11

This is the Bible verse of the day on the “Daily Bible” app I use to read daily devotions.

”  The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” (Jeremiah 31:3 NKJV) #Bible https://www.mydailybible.org/dv/nkjv/2019-02-23.htm

It’s a wonderful scripture from God’s Word and Kent Henry wrote the beautiful song below that ties this verse with the verse from My Testimony, “With A Mighty Hand and A Stretched Out Arm.” The song is a little long because in it he speaks word’s that minister to those who need to be touched by our Heavenly Father’s Love. Poor choices, poor parenting and suffering from those things as children of God might make us question or form the wrong ideas of the kind of Father God is. (Kent Henry video is in original post)

In it I mainly get into how we should not just lift a single bible verse and use it to form an opinion of what God is saying in it or build a doctrine. In this verse the “Love of God” is coming from a “Father’s Love” that is sending them into Babylon as captives

Some ministers of God’s Word present Father God to us using verses along a single train of thought to form the whole image of Him or build a doctrine. Always about health, or wealth, or law, or grace or love. That is not a wise thing to do because it’s easy to get the wrong impression of God and His ways in our mind.

Israel has had multiple chances to learn this lesson and “get it right.” In this nuclear age, America may have but one shot at getting it right and should take that to heart. The nation of Israel didn’t exist for almost 2,000 years but look at these numbers.

How do we know God and the Word of God can be trusted? Because many things spoken as prophecies in the Word of God have already come to pass, exactly as Written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit to Write them. God placed His Thoughts into their mind and was recorded and preserved over thousands of years. (God Exists Outside & Inside of Time).

Back to my main thought and reason for this post. Verse 3 in Jeremiah 31, taken alone can have a totally different interpretation from that gained by the context of the “whole counsel of God.” If we get a lopsided view of God, like some lopsided teachers of God’s Word present, we become confused and disillusioned when our life “in Christ” isn’t matching up with the “health, wealth, prosperity, and live your best life today” doctrines they center their ministries on. You start to think, “God’s Word doesn’t work for me” or “maybe I’m not a child of God” because my situation doesn’t look like what they are professing. All the while, you are exactly where God wants you to be or has allowed you to be. God Is Sovereign over Everything. Not only does God know when a hair falls off our head, He knows it’s number too!!!

God is sending a word of Love and Encouragement to His people who have just been taken captive and hauled off to Babylon. They will spend 70 years under bondage, as servants to another king, in another country, not their own. God is putting them in “time out” hoping they can learn the lessons they refused to learn.  Like a good parent, God is telling them “I Love You” and must correct you to teach you how to live correctly as My People.

Jeremiah had warned Israel for 40 (626BC – 587BC) years, “you need to listen, daddy’s coming home,” to follow God’s ways or judgment would come but they chose to listen to the “many” false prophets. Even when God honored and fulfilled the words spoken by Jeremiah against the false prophets as in Jeremiah 28.

Within the first 2 minutes of the top video, Pastor Milton says in 1999 he spoke this prophecy of God’s Love poured out on America. God says, “you have spit in My Face the way you have treated Me. As if someone who did not love you or did not care about you.” That means 30 years ago this year, a faithful servant and prophet of God, that CAN Clearly Hear The Voice of God was Warning America like Jeremiah warned Israel and Judah for 40 years, “you need to listen, daddy’s coming home.” 40 is a Biblical number closely related to the time allowed for testing.  Honestly,  I would be the last person to think we have 10 more years to straighten America’s attitude out towards God.

In My Testimony I said that once when I was overwhelmed by God’s Love. I went to my room, knelt down and prayed to God saying how I couldn’t understand His Love for me, God said, “Read Hosea.” I heard that very clearly. After reading Hosea, I understood God’s Love could Forgive and Love someone as unfaithful as Gomer and even myself. Actually my life made Gomer’s look like a saint. The other thing about the Book of Hosea is it’s main subject.  God brought down judgment on Israel after Hosea warned and warn and warned. It’s thought Hosea prophesied warnings from 750 BC to 722 BC, about 28 years. In 722 BC the nation of Israel was over run and destroyed and it never was an independent nation again.

Jesus Is The Aleph & The Tav, א ת  Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω  א ת Jesus Α Ω

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